Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beresford Green Speaks... (Fourteenth Fit)

Beresford Green. Man of Destiny
I have my copy of the first club CD. It's free "at the point of delivery" as they say of the National Health Service. Just give David a blank CD of the -R variety.
It kept me awake during the small hours of Saturday when I was very sleepy. This unusual intimate take shows just what a talented bunch you are. Listening through headphones on Saturday morning, Brenda was able to hear things long denied to her from across the club-room. She has sat close-by to Mick Wills & Roger Gosbee in the past and already appreciates the full extent of their abilities, but it was David that surprised her most. "Who's that?" she said. "What a lovely guitar sound." David's song, "A Reason to Believe" is an old favourite of hers. Watch out David she's a-coming to get yer!
For me, and I suspect most of we guys, the beauty of Anne Winter was always apparent even before she had ever sung us a note. Here the clarity, tone, diction and inflexion of her voice is truly startling. Captivating, mesmerising, a wonderful experience. Watch out Anne we's a coming to getcha!
Everyone sounded fantastic through my headphones. A great credit to themselves in every way. I heard you Yvonne along with Mike & his "Butterflies." I heard you Eddie - and did Margaret cough? I heard you Colin clearer than ever - with nice guitar. Brenda was OK but you do need to get rid of that Berry bloke. That ain't Folk; in fact that ain't anything!
What a pity that so many members were missing from the compilation. I have regrets from the past that I never did capture the sound of some of those friends & associates I encountered in the 1980's. Don't let this happen here. Make a submission to the next CD which is now open.
Thanks to David for doing this.

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St. Anley said...

I haven't yet heard the club CD, but I look forward to sharing your appraisive remarks, Berry.
What do you mean, "Not folk."?
Of course you're 'folk'!
You have always been a welcome contribitor to the City FOLK Club. Where else do you think you could get away with your performances?!