Saturday, March 7, 2009

Being the Sixth of March 2009...


Now what did I turn the computer on for...?
I know there was something I intended to do...?
I might as well type the listing out...

Butterflies: Yvonne/Mike
Please Don't Call Me Louise: Mike
The Games People Play: Steve
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Again): Mike
Swiss Air: Mick
Reynardine: Jane
My Bucket's Got A Hole In It: Berry
The Black Fox: Bill 1:1
Liverpool Lullaby: Lynda
A Little Biddy Tear: Paul
In The Smoke: David
Clementine/Cwm Rhondda: Colin
Once In a Very Blue Moon: John
The Golden Glove: Ken
Follow The Heron Home: Mave
Somewhere Along The Road: Eddie
Just a Simple Love Song: Yvonne/Mike
The Boxer: Mike
Sad Ending: Mick
God's a Woman To: Jane
About a 1/4 to Nine: Berry
Hey Jude: Lynda/Paul
Another Girl: Paul
At the Bottom of this Bottle: David
The Hand Weaver and the Factory Maid: Colin
The Minstrel Boy: John
When I Take My Morning Promenade: Mave

Still can't remember what I couldn't remember when I started typing this....


Gigi said...

Yes, I do remember. A beautiful fond memory. A pity I shall be unable to attend, but do have fun and enjoy. I shall think of you all with a little regret.



London Apprentice said...

I think of us all with a lot of regret. Now we're not only poorer but cold too. There must be a bus service to S. Africa. I need to get there but I can't recognise the African from the Indian elephant. It would be easy to end up in the wrong place. It's happend to me before. Luv to you too Gigi.