Monday, March 2, 2009

Being the Twentyseventh of February 2009...

Are you sitting comfortably..?
Then I'll begin...

Oh! Susanna: David+Full Cast
Betsy the Serving Maid: Colin
The Little Serving Maid: Bill 1:1
In the Morning: Jenny
There's a Kind of Hush: Bill 1:2
All the Good-times are Past and Gone: Eddie
It Had to be You: Brenda/Berry
You Were Always on My Mind: Lynda/Paul
Buddy Holly Medley: Berry/Heather
Steal Away: Paul
Maid Behind the Bar/Coolies Reel: Mick
Why Don't Women Like Me?: Ray
I am Weary Let Me Rest: Jane/Dave
I Just Want to Dance With You: Jasmine/George
The Sound of Bells: George
Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue: Maggie
I'm Throwing Rice: David
I Think I'd Better Leave Right Now: Jasmine
Keep You in Peace: Eddie
The Turkish Song: Maggie
In My Life: Paul
In The Wee Small Hours: Lucy
I Don't Work for a Living: Ray
How Can I Keep From Singing: Lynda
The Only Sound I Heard: Jenny
Kiss The World Goodbye: Berry
The Saucy Sailor: Jane/Dave
Walking My Baby Back Home: Brenda/Berry

Now let's head for the future...


London Apprentice said...

Everyone was on form to see February off, performing way beyond expectations. There seemed to be a lot more puff around! There were several outstanding items. The girls were very good.
We all missed Ken though didn't we!

St. Anley said...

I completely agree, Berry. This was one of the most memorable evenings of music we have ever had at CFC.
Now, remind me, what did Ken sing?!