Thursday, April 30, 2009

Being the Twenty-fourth of April 2009...

The above picture is of a magnetic mute blind love monkey (created by Glyn Webster taken from a story by Frank Key) it brings luck to those who see it...

I'll get this listing done quickly then we can get on to the exciting news...

Come All Ye: David
Four Strong Winds: Mike
Deportees: Jane/Dave
Sweet Jenny Jones/The Peacock Followed the Hen: Dave
Yellow is the Colour: Gerry
Vie En Rose: George
Home on the Range: Ray
Once I Had a True Love: Margaret
The Island of Dreams: Lynda/Paul
Jimmy Brown: Paul
Unicorns: Colin
'T-was on One April Morning: Bill 1:1
I Have to Say I Love You In a Song: Lucy
Cocaine Habit Blues: David
Halcyon Days: Yvonne/Mike
Charlie My Love: Mike
Jolene: Jane/Dave
Bonny Breast Knot: Dave
The Boxer: Gerry
Smile: George/Paul
Grannie's Old Arm Chair: Ray
Gospel Ship: Margaret
In the Rare Oul' Times: Lynda
Hello Mary Lou: Paul
The Drovers: Colin
Ranzo: Bill 1:1
Naomi: Lucy

My hurried entry of last weeks evening has left plenty for Ken to correct me on...
(which is a cunning ploy to keep him off the streets...)


St. Anley said...

In Ken's absence I feel obliged to point out that '24th.', when written in full, should be hyphenated thus: 'twenty-fourth'. Anyway, shouldn't 'forth' have a 'u'?

Being graciously so-permitted, I have corrected/updated your record of Bill's memorable contributions. 'Ramso' - I ask you?! Have you never been to sea?

Then we grow old with 'Niome'. Who? Or should that be 'whom'? I'll leave that for Ken!

Berrys Music said...

Being the "Twenty Forth Bridges" might work eh. For whom the answer may be Biblical as in Naomi I care not to know.
Just words my friends, nothing really meant.
I feel French at the moment anyway and my "scales" are "just" fine intonation.
Sometimes when I am with the certain party, I speak with an Essex accent and spell the same as in Rome.
Sometimes I feel like Roman, so that is what I do.
When I get back I will see you once more.... if thee & they are there.

Berrys Music said...

Berry was also the first to say: - "Filli-Chops-Nubber"