Saturday, June 13, 2009

Who's This Then? ...

16th. June being designated 'Sussex Day', Ken has invited us to perform items associated with Sussex when we meet next Friday.

I know we've been here before, but this is something I offer as a tribute to the late Bob Copper of Rottindean ...

Good Ale.

It is of good ale to you I’ll sing,
And to good ale I’ll always cling.
I like my mug filled to the brim,
And I’ll drink all you care to bring.

O, good ale, that art my darling.
Thou art my joy both night and morning.

It is you that helps me with my work,
And from a task I’ll never shirk.
While I can get a good home-brew,
And better than one pint I like two.

O, good ale ...

I love you in the early morn,
I love you in daylight, dark or dawn.
And when I’m weary, worn or spent,
I turn the tap and ease the vent.

O, good ale ...

It’s you that makes my friends my foes,
It’s you that makes me wear old clothes,
But, since you come so near my nose,
It’s up you come and down you goes.

O, good ale ...

If all my friends from Adam’s race
Were to meet me here all in this place,
I could part from all without one tear
Before I’d part from my good beer.

O, good ale ...

And if my wife should me despise,
How soon I’d give her two black eyes,
But if she loved me like I love thee
What a happy couple we should be.

O, good ale ...

You have caused me debts and I’ve often swore
That I never would drink strong ale no more.
But you for all that I forgive,
And I’ll drink strong ale as long as I live.

O, good ale ...

For an audio presentation follow

Remember, Bob, in folk heaven, will be listening to you joining in the chorus!


Musically Bent said...

This is yet another example of those power freaks trying to steal the agenda.
I may live in Sussex now, and though it may be exactly 30 years this month since whence I did arrive, I am still a Londoner at heart.
Therefore I know of no suitable Sussex song nor for that matter even an unsuitable one. Should this disbar me from attending? Is that the cunning plan?
Nay I may choose instead to sing a song of my own choice, or if so minded not to sing at all. I cannot see why a music club should insist on people singing all the time. What about poetry? Ought I to read a verse perhaps? One that I first heard when in Sussex.
Do you think I have time for thoughts about Sussex? Look - I just happen to live here. Suppose I was a say a "blues" fanatic. How would such a musical person cope with this rediculous demand? Maybe by staying away that's how. Nay I hate this attempt to force and channel. It just isn't seemly. If I had more time I'd write to the race relations board about this blatent piece of control freakery over the Folks - so I would.

Outa_Spaceman said...

Take your verses up the literary club poetry boy...

Must admit though I have a bit of a problem with this...
Most of my recent songs have been written whilst living in Sussex does that make them Sussex Songs...?

I think I know the answer to that question by the way...