Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Being the Eleventh of September 2009...

Late October: David
For No One: Paul
What Have They Done To The Rain: Les
Wayfaring Stranger: Jane/David
The Brash Lad: Lynda
It's To Late Baby: Phine
This Boy: Bill 1:2
Leaving Nancy: Ray
Ain't It Good to be Back Home Again: Mike
Step Up Mary: Peter
Galloways: Colin
I'm Throwing Rice: David
I'll Be There: Paul
Row the Boat Ashore: Les
Joleen: Jane/David
She Moved Through the Fair: Lynda
Walk With Me: Phine
Johnny Reb: Bill 1:2
No Use For Him: Ray
The Sun is Coming Over the Hill: Mike
Seashore: Mick
Jobsworth: Peter
Betsy the Serving Maid: Colin
The Wild Rover: Bill 1:2
Farewell Farewell: Lynda


St. Anley said...

It always feels good on a Friday evening.
Am I being 'creepy'?
So, it's OK!
Actually, it's more than OK.
Be there!

St. Anley said...

I think what Lynda sang so competently was entitled 'I am a BRISK lad'.