Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Being the Twentyeighth of August 2009...

Talking Lion Blues: David
Bruton Town: Colin
The Bank O'Doone: Jane/Colin
I'll Take You Dancing Again: Mave
Grandpa's Grave: Ken
About a Quarter to Nine: Berry
Lovesong To a Stranger: Jane
Love Letters Straight Form Your Heart: David/George
The Best Days of Your Life: Jasmin
Any Dream Will Do: Ray
Girl: Les/Pam
Will You: Mick
Mrs. Merry's Ball: Bill 1:1
Day Has Come: Anthony
Between the Lines: David
Scarecrow: Colin
Babes in the Wood: Jane/Colin
My Mother Said: Mave
(She Did the) Fandango: Ken
Help Me Make It Through The Night: Berry
St. John The Gambler: Jane/David
Ain't Misbehaving: George
Samuel Plimsol: Jasmin
The Yodelling Blacksmith: Ray
Things We Said Today: Les
Handbags and Gladrags: Mick
The Deadly Wars: Bill 1:1/Mick


London Apprentice said...

A word in your ears here. I just wanted say on behalf of everyone a big thanks to David for his MC work at the club.
Of course the members make it a club.
Of course the quality of their contributions, which aren't just musical, are the material from which the patchwork is stitched.
But that seamster (word here for Ken to pick at), is David.
It matters how the garment is fashioned.
David fashions it very well. Better than anyone!
Hi David, now about that loan....!
P.S....and that is to say nothing of St-Anley and what he does!

Musically Bent said...

Wasn't Mick Will's instrumental version of that 1960's Mike d'Arbo song "Handbags & Gladrags" wonderful? We know it from Rod Stewart, Chris Farlowe, The Stereophonics and even "The Office" theme.
Mick is the winner!

Brenda May said...

Colin & Jane - you were absolutely excellent this week. I thoroughly enjoyed your lovely harmonies together.
"Berry - will you let go of my arm now. You're hurting me!"

St. Anley said...

How kind, Brenda.
Thank you so much.

I endorse LA's comments about the 'seamster' too, and acknowledge a slight nod in my direction. Thank you, Berry.