Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Being the Twentyfirst of August 2009...

David: D'you Ken John Peel?
Colin: Moorlough Shore
Chalky: San Francisco Bay Blues
Eddie: See That Rainbow Shine
Yvonne: Oh So Naturally
Mike: Just a Simple Love Song
Maggie: Magic Flute (excepts)
Jane/David: Joan of Arc
Josie/Gerry/Heather: Travelin' Light
Mike: This Old Guitar
Steve: Galway Shawl
Janet: The Gallant Frigate Amphitrite
Mave: The Manchester Rambler
Ken: English Channel No.5
Lynda: On Raglan Road
Paul: Yesterday
Bill 1:1: The Sandy Boar
John: High Holiday
Margaret: The Last Thing on My Mind
David: The Ballad of the Lost Prophet
Colin: The Miller and the Lass
Margaret: 4 Marys
Chalky: Cocaine Habit Blues
John: Tunes of Glory
Eddie: Dancing With You
Yvonne/Mike: Whiskery Bob
Maggie: Uncertain Love
Jane: Ohio River Boat Song
Josie/Gerry/Heather: 500 Miles
Mike: Puff the Magic Dragon
Steve: Keeping the Old Songs Alive
Janet: Storing Sugar In the Hole
Mave: Now I Has To Call Him Father
Lynda: The Patriot Game
Paul: Sisters of Mercy
Chalky: Jelly Roll
Steve: The Boxer

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