Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Being The Ninth of October 2009...

One More Dollar: David
A Picture of You: Paul
Strange Rain: Les
Silver Dagger: Maggie
Vince Volvo and the Scrapyard Angels: Mike
The Waters of Tyne: Lynda
Caledonia: Mike P.
Grey Cock: Anne
The Road to Dundee: Ray
These Foolish Things: George
The Man In Green: Anthony
One Night As I Lay On My Bed: Colin
Smile While You Are Able: David
Another Girl: Paul
I Have a Dream: Les
Swing Low Sweet Chariot: Maggie
Till the Stars Fall From the Sky: Mike/Yvonne
Blackwaterside: Lynda
Withered and Died: Mike P.
She Moved Through the Fair: Anne/George
Love is Pleasing: Ray
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square: Paul/George
The Prickly Bush: Anthony
Sair Fyeld Hinny: Colin
Sweet Little Mystery: David
My Lord What a Morning: Les
After Me: Maggie
Do You Remember: Mike
Leaving London: Lynda
A Most Peculiar Man: Mike P.
I Must Love Him Still: Anne
Banks of the Ohio: Ray
Corrina Corrina: Anthony

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St. Anley said...

Regarding the image:
Oh, it is so reassuring to see that the Scout Hut refurbishment proceeds apace!