Saturday, October 17, 2009

Being the Sixteenth of October 2009...

Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy: David
Della and the Dealer: Paul
Leaves That Are Green: Mike P.
Kathy's Song: Lynda
The Last Spike: Jane
Where Are the Roses? : Eddie
When the Snows of Winter Fall: Anne
Sad Ending: Mick
Masochism Tango: Ken
North Country Girl: Mave
Shebeg and Shemore/Carolan's Concerto: Bill 1:1
Rush Bearing: Mike
Earl Richard: Colin
When the Spring Has Come: David
Never Again: Lynda
Steal Away: Paul
Barbry Allen: Jane
Deeper Well: Mike P.
Miner's Life: Eddie
The Night Poor Larry was Stretched: Mick/Mike P.
The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood: Anne
Timothy Mckay: Ken
Waiting at the Church: Mave
Travellin' Shoes: Bill 1:1
It's Spring Time, Wartime: Mike
Shepherd of the Downs: Colin
When All Men Sing: Mike

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