Saturday, October 24, 2009

Being the Twentythird of October 2009....

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds: David
Two Plaintive Tunes (Lyke Wake Dirge/Am I Born to Die): Colin
Fortune My Foe: Jane
The Night is Young: Eddie
One Man Band: Mike P.
If I Could Only Do One Thing: Phine
If You Loved Me: Paul
Bottom of the Bottle: David
You Are the New Day: Colin
When I Was On Horseback: Jane
Drift From the Land: Eddie
In My Liverpool Home: Mike P.
A Thousand Years: Paul
The Fallen Moon: David
Sally Free and Easy: Colin
The Bonny Earl of Murray: Duncan
She Cut Off Her Long Silken Hair: Jane/David
Sing With Me Now: Eddie
No Telling What a Love Song Will Do: Mike P.
Killing Me Softly: Claire
When Will The Good Apples Fall? : Phine
Bird on the Wire: Paul
The Drowned Lovers: David
Jesus Savior Pilot Me: Jane
My Flower, My Companion and Me: Eddie
Waltzing For Dreamers: Mike P.

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