Friday, March 12, 2010

Being The Second of February 2010...

Between The Lines: David
King William And His Keeper: Colin
Charming Molly'o: Ken
All I Want: Eddie
Rainy Days and Mondays: Sheena/Paul
The Dutchman: Bill 1:2
Copper Kettle; Margaret
Annabel: Lynda/Mike
St. John The Gambler: Jane/David
Making Woopee: George
Who Will Stop the Rain: Jasmin
Maggie Mae: Mike P.
Classical Gas: Mick
Itali Neeennan (?): Jenny
Polly On The Shore: Bill 1:1
Gone With The Wind: Lucy
The Battle of New Orleans: Paul
Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens: David
A Fair Maid Went Walking In Her Garden: Colin
Cry Me A River: Lucy/George
Roses In No Man's Land: Eddie
Summertime: Sheena/Paul
I Wish I Was In Liverpool: Bill 1:2
Careless Love: Margaret
Sailing To Philadelphia: Lynda
New Partner: Jane/David
Island In The Sun: Jasmin/George
2 Breton Gavottes: Mike P./Sheena
Brewer Laddie: Bill 1:1
Tennessee Waltz: Paul/Bill 1:1

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