Friday, March 12, 2010

Being the Twentyninth of January 2010...

David: When The Spring Has Come
Oh Very Young: Paul
Sweetheart: Anne/Bonnie/Alan
The Deserter: Bob
The Little Fox: Mick
Charlotte's Jig: Lorna
The Blacksmith: Jane
O'caran/The Peacock: Anne/Bonnie/Alan
Think It Over: Berry
The Green Man: Mave
Give Me The Punch Ladle: Colin
Somewhere Along the Road: Anne/Bonnie/Alan
Flower of the Valley: David
Big Yellow Taxi: Paul
The Captain Cried All Hands: Bob
Boulie House Jig/Killiaugh Barn Dance: Mick
Elsie's Waltz: Anne/Bonnie/Alan/Lorna
Joan of Arc: Jane/David
My Blue Heaven: Berry
Both Sides Now: Anne/Bonnie/Alan
General Wolfe: Colin
T'was A Lover and his Lass: David
Heartbeat: Paul
Those Hampshire Downs Again: Bob
Cripple Creek: Mick
Charlotte's Jig: Lorna
So Lonesome I Could Cry: Jane
Abalene: Berry
Sweet Thyme: Colin

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