Friday, June 11, 2010

Being The TwentyNinth of May 2010.

Dem Bones: David
Big Yellow Taxi: Paul
The Logger: Roger
The Battle of the Somme: Anne/Alan
Lavenders Blue: Yvonne
Lucky The Man: Mike
Down In The Willow Garden: Jane
? : Duncan
Lost In The Maze: Mick
Pack Up Your Sorrows: Anne/Alan
Once I had a Sweetheart: Angela
Louis Collins: Roland
Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me: Lucy
Dancing At Whitsun: Colin
You and Me: David
?: Paul/Roger
Sussex Bonny Whisper/?: Anne/Alan
Cry Me A River: Lucy/Roger
Strong: Yvonne
Vincent Volvo and the Scrapyard Angels: Mike
The Long And Winding Road: Lynda
Let My People Go: Duncan
Available Light: Roger
Moth: Anne/Alan
Pat Canny's Reel: Mick
Sayr Fyeld Hinny: Colin
Handbags and Gladrags: Mick/David
To Ramona: Paul
Country Garden: Lucy
Need Your Love So Bad: Roger
Ramble In The New Mown Hay: Alan
Whiskery Bob: Mike/Yvonne
Wild Flying Dove: Lynda
Your Ghost: Jane/David
?: Duncan

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parkingspaceman said...

Ahem. 21 + 7 = 28, NOT 29. The Friday was the 28th of May, one week after the 21st.