Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Being The 17th September 2010

When I'm Cleaning Windows: David
The Blackbird: Colin
Hang On The Bell Nelly: Sylvia
Near To You: John
Take Your Time: Geoff
Sloop John B.: The Crazy Gang
September Song: George/Paul
I Give You The Morning: Jasmin
Waltz In E: Mick
Wall Of Death: Mike P.
What Shall I Write?: Phine
Shake That Thing: Roland
The Snows They Melt The Soonest: Lynda
Blues In E: Jane
Carters Blues:Angela
To Soon To Know: Paul
Heart: David
The Female Cabin Boy: Colin
My God You Do Look Queer: Sylvia
Violence: John
The Lesson: Geoff
I Fell Out Of An Olive Tree: Josie
Your Cold Cold Heart: George/Jasmin
Itzikel: Mick/Mick P.
Waterlily: Mike P.
Autumn Leaves: Phine
Ten Years Ago: George
Diamonds And Rust: Jasmin
How's The World Treating You?: Lynda
Wrecking Ball: Jane/David
German Clock Winder: Angela
Good Ale: Roland
To Ramona: Paul


parkingspaceman said...

Angela little knows, I think, the small revenge she has worked on Colin, who used to inflict a "German Clockwinder" song on us oldies, although he opined that he hated it. Once he eventually got it right, we didn't ask for it anymore.

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Angela handled this perfectly.
We all joined in.
I'm not possessive!