Sunday, October 3, 2010

Being The 27th September 2010

This Small Stone: David/Colin
Help Me Make It Through The Night: Paul
Lady Of Beauty: Eddie
I Send My Love To You: Jane/Colin/David
An Englishman In New York: Tony
Snorkel: Mick
Awake, Awake: Angela
?: Jenny
Fair Lovely Nelly To The Wake Did Go: Bill 1:1
Orphan Girl: Lynda
Aeolian Medley: Colin
When The Spring Has Come: David
Your Mother And I: Paul
Miners Welfare: Eddie
Wayfaring Stranger: Jane/Colin/David
Julia Clifford/Din Tarrent's Polka: Mick
There Were Three Sailors From Bristol City: Angela
Hear The Wind Blow: Jenny
The Full Dressed Ship: Bill 1:1
Molly Ban: Lynda
Morton Bay: Colin
Flower Of The Valley: David
Bird On A Wire: Paul
Love Hurts: Lucy/Paul

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parkingspaceman said...

27th was a Monday. Did you mean the 24th?