Saturday, March 12, 2011

More about Herring ...

Whilst on the subject, and as we approach Comic Relief, I am moved to share this pearl of humorous wisdom ...

The Herring is a lucky fish,
From all disease inured.
Should he be ill when caught at sea:
Immediately - he's cured!

(Contagion, Milligan, S., 1918 - 2002.)

Perhaps a spot prize could be awarded to anyone who can set these words to an orginal tune in the hypomixolydian mode?


parkingspaceman said...

How wonderful of you to bring this remembrance of the blessed Spine Millington, and how generous of you to suggest this challenge (which I'm sure will be accepted, especially if you provide an appropriate spot prize yourself. How about those Bank of England Gift Vouchers? -the red ones with Sir John Houblon on are especially attractive, I think).
Quiz qn: who did Spike refer to as a 'grovelling little b*st*rd'?

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

So, PSM watched the same wonderful programme.
The spot prize will be a smoked kipper.
The answer is POW.

parkingspaceman said...

What wonderful programme? I remember this from (I think) the book "Silly Verse for Kids" by SM, which I believe my then girlfriend (later wife) bought me circa 1966. (Red herring: I copied down the poem 'Bazonka' from the tv programme 'Muses with Milligan' on BBC2 in the mid?-sixties).
As your quiz answer: this is not in clear text, but I suspect you have the answer correctly.