Saturday, March 12, 2011

Red City Folk Nose Club Day

Red Nose Day - the Comic Relief headline day - falls once again on a Friday! The 18th of March, in fact - NEXT FRIDAY!! By a strange coincidence, the City Folk Club will be meeting at the Guide Hall that evening. The Red Nose Day fund-raising theme is "Do Something Funny for Money", but, seeing as most of what goes on in the club is already funny (either ha-ha or peculiar!), you needn't feel obliged to do anything especially funny (although you can if you want to!) - just come along with some spare cash. If you want to dress up, or sport Red Nose Day merchandise (visit Sainsbury's, Oxfam and other stores, or buy from, well, you'll probably be thought very silly - but go ahead!
Now, we know how marvellous you were back in November, raising an amazing £500 for Children in Need, so we're not making a big thing of Red Nose Day. The City Folk Club is primarily about making music, not raising money for charity. However, we thought Red Nose Day couldn't be passed-over completely, so, we intend to:-
a) have an official Red Nose Day 'Pick a Pose' sweepstake - £2 a go, with half the proceeds to the winner (i.e. £30), and the rest to Comic Relief;
b) have Spot Prizes - but the categories won't be announced until the night! (but - if you were thinking 'red'/ 'most ridiculous trousers/ hat/ underwear'/ 'most trenchant observation on the rightful place of the ukelele in contemporary music' - I'm afraid that confidentiality agreements restrict me from confirming or denying - but you might not be wrong);
c) the usual £2 admission in the 'collection pot' will go to Comic Relief - plus, of course, any other contributions you care to make.
Comic Relief helps people in the UK and Africa. See the BBC site at Please, please also watch the two-part documentary "Famous, Rich and in the Slums", where Lenny Henry, Angela Rippon, and others are sent to live in Nairobi's Karibe slum - Africa's largest - home to 1 million people, without proper sanitation. Part One is viewable on , Part Two on . Lenny Henry's harrowing account of his experience there is in the 5th-11th March edition of Radio Times. You will find it difficult to view/read these and not be moved. We don't know how lucky we are, really.
Looking forward to seeing you for the usual fun - and more - on the 18th for Red City Folk Nose Club Day
Ken Hobbs, Minister Without Portfolio*
* I think I Ieft it in the kitchen in the hall about two months ago - if anyone finds it , could they pass it on, please?


London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

Oh Minister, what is it that you think you left in the kitchen about 2 months ago? If you are speaking of your marbles then let me tell you it was a lot longer ago than that, and many of them too.
We had such a nice large attendance last week for your announcements to frighten away. People just want to sing & play you know, not keep shelling out every other month because of yet another emotional bind.
Frankly all this charity raising is getting up my red nose a bit. When will charity begin at home? More specifically, when will it be my own testimonial? I'm not gonna live forever you know; so get on with it.

Brenda May said...

I would just like to say how obnoxious and self centred that Special Bitter contributer seems to be. I don't believe the club would miss a person like that should he decide to hide inside himself for ever more. I feel sorry for all those that have to associate with such a person and I certainly don't believe that London Apprentice is in good company. A nice young lad could be ruined by such a miserable mean & bitter person. Surely he has no wife. No-one would want to live with that mind-set would they?