Thursday, March 31, 2011

Special Arrangements for This Week

Because there will be Warm Water Hydrotherapy sessions at the Guide Hall on Saturday and Sunday, the hall will be used on Friday to set up the 2ft-deep pool in the hall, fill it and heat the water. The pool will take up about two-thirds of the floor area. The good news is that they've said that the setting-up will be completed by the late afternoon, and that the club can have free use of the pool in the evening! So, bring your swimming cozzies and your maritme songs! Bring a metal or plastic tray(s) to put your drinks/music/whatever on and float them in the pool, Caribbean-style! (Large plastic bags will be provided to keep instruments dry). We won't be allowed the usual special lighting, but floating candles will be provided. Should be a nice atmosphere. Come and wallow in the warm water, and in the usual City Folk Club music!


London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

The trouble with being witty is that a measure of people don't get it and aren't likely to. Older people tend to get a bit embarrassed by the state of their flesh and will be sure to find some reason why they are unable to attend. Indeed my apprentice and I are trying hard to construct an excuse for our own absence. What we did manage to construct is a solar powered pump that will empty your special arrangement of all its water in a flush. We have the item ready but it has just been pointed out that there won't be any sun at 8pm on Friday. How they know this, and with such certainty, is something of a mystery to LA & myself. Notwithstanding all that, and perhaps because of it, we have it on good authority that a new member, April, will be along for her very first song on Friday. She's a fine singer of the idiotic song and puts us in mind of Ken, just a little bit, in that regard. Let's wish her well shall we, and ask that she favour us with her warmer songs rather than the sloshy stuff.

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Now, where did I put that itzi-bitzi, yellow polka-dot piece of bathing apparel?