Saturday, April 2, 2011

So, You Think Nothing's Happened?

Regular readers of this blog, (how many?) could assume that nobody has performed anything since the beginning of 2011.
Let me assure you that this is not true!

What follows is a comprehensive update of our songs/tunes this year.
I have to thank Ken, with his photographic memory, for assistance in compiling these lists.
(This will take some time and constitutes tedious reading!)

7th January 2011

See Me Run: David
The Forsaken Mother and her Child: Colin
Molly Bawn: Lynda
Ohio Riverboat Song: Jane R.
Leaving of Liverpool: Les
The Fields of Lord Fiddler's Whiskey: Sylvia
To Go To Sea Once More:/Jamie Brown: John
If I Had a Boat: Mike
Julia Clifford/Finnish Polka: Mick
Chewin' Chawin Gum: Angela & Roland
Indian Lass: Ken
When the Green Man Walks the Forest: Mave
Maggie Anne’s Tune: Anna
Mary Skeffington: Paul
This Small Stone: David & Colin
Most of Us Are Sad: Lynda
Joan of Arc: Jane & David
Someday One Day: Les
Who Mowed the Lawns of Eden: Sylvia
The PR Man from Hell: John
Look at Miss Ohio: Mike
The Rambling Pitchfork: Mick & Mike
I'm Going Down This Road: Angela & Roland
Grey Hawk: Ken
All the Little Chickens in the Garden: Mave
Gloucester Wassail: Anna
Girl: Paul

(We did not meet on 14th January.)

21st Jan 2011

When I'm Cleaning Windows: David
The Sheep are ‘neath Snow: Colin
Winter Song: Dave
Ride On: Dave & Jane G.
Home Lads Home: Ray
The Road to Boston: Lorna
Candlemas Eve: Anne & Alan
When the Green Man Walks the Forest: Mave
Lord Randall/Rendall(?): Jane
To Feel My Love: Rachel
The Widow Maker: Sylvia
Liverpool Town: John
After All My Hard Travelling: Roger
Anji: Mick
Rambling Irish Man: Mike
Speak to the Sky: Les
Billy Bones and his Dancing Cat: Anne & Alan
West Virginia Mining Disaster: Angela
Rakish Paddy: Bill 1.1
You Are My Sunshine: Paul & Colin
Geordie: Colin
(Something about a scarecrow)? :Jane & Dave
Spanish Train: Dave
Oh Lord it's Hard to be Humble: Ray
Too Far From Thee: Anne & Alan
I Live in Trafalgar Square: Mave
Famous Blue Raincoat: Jane R. & David
Everybody's Changing: Rachel
If It Wasn't For The Houses In-between: Sylvia
New York Girls: John
Too Long at the Fair: Mick & David
Till the Last Flower Dies: Les
What's the Ugliest Part of Your Day: Bill 1.1
From Boulder to Birmingham: Paul
Rolling Home: Ray & full cast

28th January 2011

I'll See You In my Dreams: David
Another Girl: Paul
Leaving On a Jet Plane: Lynda & Paul
Seven Golden Daffodils: Berry
Ye Jacobites by Name: Laura
Glenamaddiz (?): Lorna
Queen of Hearts: Margaret
The Working Life: Mike P
Tickle Dew (Tickled You?): Mick
Shady Grove: Adrian
The Waller: Mave
Piper to the End: Colin
In the Smoke: David & Colin
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain: Paul & Berry
The Carnival Is Over: Lynda & Paul
Freaker's Ball: Berry
Charie is my Darling: Laura
Song of the Chanter: Lorna
Tell Me When: Margaret
Freetraders: Mike P
Breton Gavottes: Mick & Mike P
Morning Dew: Adrian
A Little of what you Fancy: Mave
We Dreamed Our Dreams: Colin
You Win Again: Paul & Berry

4th February 2011

Enjoy Yourself: David
One Night As I Lay on My Bed: Colin
After the Goldrush: Lynda
Dearest Polly: Jane & David
Walk With Me: Les
Tailor and the Mouse: Sylvia
Make Me Down a Pallet on your Floor: Roger
The Oyster Girl: John
Peggin’ Awl: Marion & Mick
When Johnny Comes Marching Home: Lorna
You Think I'm Psycho Don't You Mama: Duncan
Hallalujah: Tony
Out of the Blue: Mick
Henniken’s (?) Waltz: Bill 1.1
Nowhere Man: Paul
I'm in the Mood for Love: David
The Heart is True: Colin
Waltzing's for Dreamers: Roger
Dainty Davy: Lynda
Put Your Sweet Lips (=He'll Have to Go?): Duncan
Hurt: Jane & David
A Cowboy in Danger: Les
Miss Fielding's Apple Pie: Sylvia
Cornish Lads: John
Hard Times: Marion & Mick
Mademoiselle from Armentieres: Lorna
Pat Kelly’s Reel: Mick
Pickle-eye Bush: Bill 1.1
Wild Country: Paul
Love Hurts: Lucy & Paul
Hi Hi in the Sky/Good Old Apple Time: Marion & Mick

11th February 2011

I'll See You In my Dreams: David
Let the Sea Rage On: Paul
When I’m Alone With the Stars Above: Les
All My Trials: Margaret
Sailing to Philadelphia: Lynda
Candy Says: Jane & David
Leaves of Life: Roger
Swings Again(?):Tony
Salisbury Plain: Andy
Three Babes: Angela
Corrina Corrina: Roland
The Mole Catcher: Colin
Beheld: David & Colin & Roger
Two Sisters: Tony
Folks that Live on the Hill: Paul & Roger
Broken Hearts Fill: Les
My Love is Like a Red Red Rose: Margaret
The Difficult Kind: Lynda
Poor Wayfaring Stranger: Jane, David, Roger & Colin
How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times: Roger
Mother's Lament: Andy
Beware, Oh Take Care: Angela
Richmond Woman Blues: Roland
Braes of Yarrow: Colin
This Small Stone: David
Jimmy Brown: Paul
Doing Time: Les
House Carpenter: Margaret

18th February 2011

King of HI-VIS: David, Angela & Roland
Old Durham Road: Colin
Anderson's Coast: Mave
As Time Goes By: Brenda & Berry
Black is the Colour: Jane R.
I'll Be Your Sweetheart: Berry
Rush Bearing: Jane
Baby Don't Tell Me You're Not in Love: Les
Miner's Life Guard: John
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go: Tony
Sad Ending: Mick
Shoemaker: Lorna
Railroad Boy: Laura & Colin
Bottle of Wine: Andy
Texas Ranger: Angela
Richmond Woman Blues: Roland
My Dearest Dear: Jenny
Pop Goes the Weasel/Off She Goes: Bill 1.1
What is This Thing Called Love: Lucy
Yesterday: Paul
Some Ideas: David
Dancers of Stanton Drew: Colin & Laura
Poor Lonely Widow: Mave
I've Got You Under my Skin: Brenda & Berry
Wrecking Ball: Jane & David
Together: Berry
Wild Mountain Thyme: Jane W.
Three Wooden Crosses: Les
Tobin's Jig/Lark in the Morning: Mick
Botany Bay: Lorna & Laura
Why There's A Tear in my Eye: Angela
Ring to my Ding: Jenny & Bill
Take A Message to Mary: Lucy & Paul
Cold Cold Heart: Full cast

25th Feb 2011
I'm in the Mood for Love: David
Scarecrow: Colin
Winter Wood: Berry
Lady Take Your Time: Marion & Mick
Island of Dreams: Lynda & Paul
Thoughts: Margaret
All the Good Times: Eddie
Sake: Tony
These Foolish Things: George
Blackwaterside: Mick
Colours: Mike P
Strangers in the NIght: Brenda & Berry
Cyclone of Rye Cove: Angela & Roland
Lowlands Away: Roland
Seasons of the Year: Mave
Friday: Ken
Tennessee Waltz: Paul
Enjoy Yourself: David
Tom Bowling: Colin
What About Me: Berry
Wild Thing(?):Marion & Mick
End of the World: Lynda & Paul
You've Got a Friend: Margaret
Dancing with You: Eddie
Sea of Heartbreak: George
Itzikel: Mick & Mike
Annabel: Mike
Anytime: Brenda & Berry
All the Little Chickens in the Garden: Mave
Hard Cheese of Old England: Ken
Autumn Leaves: Paul & George

4th March 2011 has already been documented at - What we did on 4th March

11th March 2011

Come Here: David & Colin
I'm a Loser: Paul
Cripple Creek: Mick
Harbour Lights: Berry & Ken
Down By The Dockyard Wall: John
Three Fishers: Viv
Pretty Polly Perkins: Sylvia
Good Advice: Lorna
My Lover's Gone: Laura & Colin
Leaning on your Everlasting Arms: Jane & David
How's the World Treating you: Lynda
Love From Spain: Tony
Universal Soldier: Mike P
Bay of Biscay: Annie
Angel of Mercy: Les
Two Jigs: Stoney Ridge Band
See That Rainbow Shine: Eddie
Sun's Gonna Shine on my Backdoor Someday: Angela & Roland
Irish Solitaire Jig: Ron
Night Visit Song: Colin
A World Without Love:Brenda & Berry
See Me Run: David
Bill Bailey: Paul
(?) :Mick & Mike
Lonesome Town: Berry & Ken
Give Us Bread: John
Follow the Heron Home: Viv

18th March 2011
On this day we marked Comic Relief and raised £165!

Fly Me To The Moon: David
German Clockwinder: Colin
If I Were a Bell: Lucy
The Maid of Culmore: Lynda
Musn't Grumble: Berry
Just Out of Reach:George
Two Waltzes:Mick
Whiskey in the Jar - (parody!): Ken
Poor Lonely Widow: Mave
Key to Paradise: Les
Shortnin' Bread: Richard
My Tiny Husband: Angela & Roland
Isle of France: Annie
Beansetting: Bill 1.1
Nobby Hall: Robin
Eighteen Yellow Roses: Paul
I'll See You in my Dreams: David
Red Herring Song: Colin & full cast
Do Nothing till You Hear From Me: Lucy
High Germany: Lynda
Gypsy Woman: Berry & Paul
Dvorak: a theme from Symphony no. 9 ‘From the New World’, 2nd movement, often referred to as ‘The Cor Anglais’: Lorna
(Lorna is to be congratulated for playing a tune with the longest title ever encountered at CFC. She performed it remarkably well. The person who said 'Hovis Tune' needs to be severely reprimanded, and given a classical education.)
Love Letters: George & Paul
My Darling Asleep/The Walls of Liskeard: Mick
Two French-Canadian Waltzes: Ron
Just Three of Those Things: Ken
Now I As to Call Him Father: Mave
There's a Kind of Hush: Les
Won't You Play a Simple Melody: Richard
The Most Fantastic Belly Dancer in the World: Angela
Blue Bleezing Blind Drunk: Annie
Whop She Ad It: Bill 1.1
Foggy Dew: Jane W.
Robin Hood: Robin
Dr Jazz: Paul

25th March 2011

I'm in the Mood for Love: David
What Goes On: Paul
I Only Spoke Portuguese: Ken
The Daisy Song: Mave
Forty Shades of Green: Eddie
Bind Us Together: Yvonne & Mike
Lucky Lips: Berry
Love is Pleasing: Laura
Theme from Godfather: Mark
Uncle Dan McCann: Marion & Mick
Candy Man: Mick W.
Rising of the Moon: Lynda
Drifting without You: Mike
1000 Miles from Frisco: Richard
Ain't Nobody's Fault But Mine: Angela, Richard & Roland
Sweep Chimney Sweep: Bill 1.1 & Colin
Busy Doing Nothing: Tony
Yellow Roses: Angela
Rout of the Blues: Colin
Do the Stars in Your Eyes Shine for me: David
I wish I was 18 Again: Paul
Russian Vodka Fest: Ken
Dorothy Drew: Mave
Manchester Rambler: Eddie
Lord of the Dance: Mike & Yvonne
For You are Beautiful: Berry
Planxty Irwin: Laura
(?) Mark
Going Once, Going Twice, Going Home: Mick & Marion
Booley House Jig/Butterfly: Mick W.
Annie’s Song: Lynda
Bodhran Solo: Mike P.
Bring us a Barrel: Colin

1st April 2011

“I’ve lost it”: David
Learning the Game: Paul
I Believe in Angels: Les
A Ship in Distress: Roland
You can’t keep a horse in a lighthouse: Jenny
Just a Closer Walk with Thee: Berry
The Black Fox: Mick W.
Blowing in the Wind: Mike P.
Hallelujah: Jane & David
Dives and Lazarus: Roger
Jimmy Jonquil (?): Tony
Jenny Wren: Jasmin
Mountains of Mourne: George
Pretty Peggy-oh: Adrian
Silkie of Sule Skerry: Jane W.
Seeds of love: Mave
The ****** of *******: Ken
God on our Side: Margaret
German Clockwinder: Colin
Big Grand Coulee dam: Paul
Love Done Gone: Les
Amazing Grace (alternative version): Angela
Wasn’t that a Party: Berry & Ken
Julia Clifford/Ding Talent’s (?) Polka/Finnish polka: Mick & Mike
Dirty old town: Mike & Mike
Blues in E: Jane
Things about Going my Way: Roger
I Give you the Morning: Jasmin
Isle of Inisfree: George
I am a Beachcomber: Adrian
Lily Marlene: Mave
Living Doll (parody): Ken
Troubled and I don’t know why: Margaret
Row On: Colin & full cast

So, there we are up to date again.
I apologise for the occasional question-mark.
Any enlightenment will be greatly appreciated and amendments made.
Criticism of spelling and grammar will be politely ignored!

I am sure that, pursuant upon our MC's precipitate departure at half-time from our most recent gathering, you will all join me in a fervent wish for David's rapid recovery from a severe episode of  'brain-hurt'.
Also, thank you to Paul for taking over the hot seat with such great aplomb and sensitivity.

You are all probably suffering terminal boredom by now, so I'll stop and eagerly anticipate abrasive comments!

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