Saturday, April 9, 2011

Being The 8th of April 2011 ...

This evening we kicked off in good time with an attendance of 23 souls.
Here's what we enjoyed:

"I've absolutely no idea!": David
The Swiss Maid: Paul
To Know [Him] is to Love [Him]: Lucy
Gartan Mother's Lullaby: Laura & Colin
Big Rock Candy Mountain: Roland & Angela
Molly Malone: Eddie
Stewball: Lynda
Gotta Be a Chocolate Jesus: Jane & David
She's Stolen My Heart Away: Mick & Marion
Fool's Paradise: Berry
Snorkel: Mick W.
No Tomorrow: Les
Eyes of a Man: Mave
When We were Good: Ken & Berry
Motherless Child: Roger
Meet Me Somewhere in Your Dreams: Mick & Marion
Le Coq est Mort (Ode to a trussed up rubber chicken): Angela *
Richie Graham: Colin
This Small Stone: David
Doo Wah Diddy: Paul
Damage Done: Lucy & Ken
A-Roving: Laura
Diamonds in the Rough: Angela
Sing With Me Now: Eddie
Orphan Girl: Lynda
None but the Rain: Jane & David
Dixey Darling: Mick & Marion
Young at Heart: Berry
O'Carolan's Draft: Mick W.
The Rain Came Falling Down: Les & Pam **
All the Little Chickens in the Garden: Mave ***
Things I Notice Now: Ken
Passing Through: Roger
Sweet Thyme: Colin

* Angela's song refers to an image she found on some obscure blog not far from here. I would publish a link, but I can't find the original post any more. Maybe the originator was in the room and had second thoughts.

** Congratulations to Pam for her instrumental debut using TWO rain-makers!

*** Now, in future, remember this 'shopping list' chorus:
"... me cow, me pig, me sheep, me goat, me stock, me field and barn,
and all the little chickens in the garden."
That repeated word, 'me', is Yorkshire dialect for the possessive pronoun in the first person singular.
Confusing, init?!

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