Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beresford Greene Speaks; Nineteenth Fit ...

Grovelling Apologies

Let's be straight about this, anyone can make a mistake can't they? I am surely no more prone to it than anyone else – am I? The fact is I have messed up. I have to issue a public admission to save on having a three match ban. No I didn't swear using the F word into a nearby camera. But I would have – if there had been one around.

Do you remember what I gone done? I gone done and maligned that fine man and astounding always note perfect guitarist none other than Mr Ken Hobbs. Yeah the Grand National winner in 1948. That's the one. Yeah well I intimated that our Friday collaboration was rather less that it could have been on his account. This was very uncharitable of me and could not have been further from the truth.

You see Mr Hobbs was very careful about getting his instrument into tune as I waited not very patiently with a look of resigned inevitability on my face while all the while seemingly oblivious of what the actual key should be for this particular song. As a result I launched off in exactly the very key that I cannot manage to sing in. Now all this would not matter so much if I had not let that kindly Mr Hobbs take most of the blame. In fact Mr Hobbs very quickly adjusted his key so as to be hardly noticeable and this fact attracts additional credit to him of the highest score.

Sometimes my presence of mind is not so present you see. Mr Hobbs has kindly agreed to waive his right to compensation if I issue a proper grovelling apology and me being so very mean – well here it is.