Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grovelling Apologies - a correction

It not being possible, for some reason, to post comments to Mr. Greene's 19th Nervous Breakd- sorry, 'Fit', I am obliged to make this post to record some small correction to the referenced apologies. To wit: a) I have never claimed to be, and rarely am, 'note perfect', and I was not during Mr. Greene's rendition - however, had Mr. Greene performed as we rehearsed, I might have coped better. b) I have not been offered compensation, let alone waived rights to it. Mr. Greene can expect to hear from my solicitor.
An understanding and compassionate being that I am, and fully cognisant of the sad effect of advancing years on declining faculties in those over 67, nevertheless, I will, at some future point, regardless of the inherent uncharitableness, definitely have my revenge.


London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

And he knew fear!

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

I should have anticipated this!

The original post had comments disabled precisely with the object of avoiding acrimony in the public domain. Clearly, that strategy has failed.

At the expensive finishing school I briefly attended I learned that the appropriate response to 'sorry' is an unqualified 'thank you'.
It is apparent that PSM didn't finish school.

DBS&W hereby declares that any legal fees incurred by either party in this exchange will NOT be subsidised from club funds.

parkingspaceman said...

Acrimony? What acrimony? Just setting the record straight, and adding a threat of revenge. What's acrimonious about that?
I did not attend a 'finishing school'. If the moneyed classes wish us plebs to have the benefits of such, they'd better start opening their purses. But would they want their nice schools full of plebs? You can't have it all ways, you know.
BTW, isn't disallowing comments a form of CENSORSHIP?

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

"... threat of revenge" = acrimony!
You succesfully circumvented any attempts at perceived censorship, so, CONGRATULATIONS!
Over and out.

parkingspaceman said...

My dictionary says acrimony is "bitterness of feeling or language". No bitterness in my threat of revenge, just a 'matter-of-fact' statement.
When you say 'over and out' are you alluding to cricket and acknowledging your sexuality? You can wear your pink shirt with pride, now!