Saturday, July 16, 2011

Being The 15th July 2011 ...

Once again Angela occupied the chair and was presented with another badge for her collection.
It was one of those cosy evenings with just sufficient numbers to pay the rent.

It started to rain outside as Angela led off optimistically with 'You Are my Sunshine'.
We all joined in enthusiastically.


Like a Bird on a Wire: Paul
The Streams of Lovely Nancy: Lynda
Old Gospel Ship: Margaret
Don't Think Twice ... : Mike
Just a Song at Twilight: Mave
Tout le Monde est Malheureux: Tony
Take a Look at that (,) Baby/Doc's Guitar: Mick
Dives and Lazarus: Roger
Two Jews: Bill
The Carter: Nigel
The Happy Man: Colin
Awake, Awake: Angela
If You Love Me: Paul
Andrew Laimie: Lynda
Jesus Met the Woman at the Well: Margaret
Dans les Bras: Tony
Farewell, Farewell: Mike
I Don't Know Just Exactly Who You Are: Mave
Kerfunken Jig: Mick & Mike
Hobo's Lullaby: Roger
The Constant Lovers: Nigel
(?) Johnston/Princess Beatrice: Bill
Reynardine: Colin
Battle of New Orleans: Paul
(Title awaited): Bill
Farther Along: Roger

Paul and Tony discussed cognitive dissononce.

A badge was awarded for a rude song, although Lynda, in all innocence, had not realised the possible rustic metaphor of her song. Dogsbody's obscure interpretation of 'The Streams of Lovely Nancy' was hotly contested.
Angela thought Bill was funny, so he got a badge.
Having exhausted our supply of awards for being rude, Tony had to content himself with a badge celebrating 'free association'.


parkingspaceman said...

"cognitive dissononce"? Cognitive, I understand, but the strange compound noun derived (apparently) from 'nonce' (particular or express purpose -Shakespeare; the occasion; the moment) is as familiar to me as the neural-processes in the genus Turtonus Simplexiae.

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Well, that's what I heard.
I didn't understand it then.
I still don't!
(Anyway, spell-check was happy with it.)

parkingspaceman said...

Is a man who relies on the Microsoft spell-checker to be trusted with so much as tying his shoe-laces? I have my doubts...

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Do I detect a motion of no confidence?
Put it to The House.