Saturday, July 23, 2011

Being The 22nd of July, 2011 ...

A person who once appeared thus occupied the MC's chair ...

That's how he had dressed for the Royal Wedding, even though HRH forgot to invite him.

Here's what we heard:

John Barleycorn: Colin
Part of You: Paul
Who'll be a Soldier: Brian & Laura
The Coast of Peru: Roland
How Many Biscuits: Angela
Just Walk Away, Renée: Roger
Daughter of Heaven: Lynda
The Lock Keeper: Tony
You Know who I am: Jane & Roger
Tickle Dew: Mick
Some Day Soon: Margaret
Where's the World News I Knew: Berry
Davey-Davey Knick-Knack: Laura
Bold General Wolfe: Nigel
Make it, Mend it: Ken
Scarborough Fair: Mave
Trip Over the Mountains/Hewlett: Bill
Unicorns: Colin
Dreamin': Paul
Over the Hills and Far Away: Brian & Laura
Andrew Rose: Roland
Il était une Bergère: Angela
Blow my Blues Away: Roger
My Lady is a Wild Flying Dove: Lynda
Fare ye well ye Banks o' Sicily: Duncan
Three Polkas: Mick
Tonight Will be Fine: Jane & Roger
Sadness: Margaret
Another You: Berry
Thirty-foot Trailer: Nigel
My Grandfather's Ferret: Ken *
Come By the Hills: Mave
I've Got Sixpence: Bill **

*   It did not go unnoticed that Ken was funny, but he's already had a badge for that.
** Bill's bizarre mathematical understanding qualifies him as a creative accountant.
     I think we should appoint him as treasurer!

Good night, all!


parkingspaceman said...

Ahem, at least two 'I was funny...' badges. I was also pronounced 'Very Silly' at the Wareham Wail. (I'm not saying what for). John O'Hagan thought I was 'superb', Lynne Heraud said I was 'brilliant'. I'm thinking of having these put on a t-shirt. Oh, no! I hope I haven't given anyone any ideas...

parkingspaceman said...

I always suspected that Dogsbody's grasp of scansion was feeble at best. Having sung the song himself on many occasions, he should know that it's "My Lady's a Wild Flying Dove" - if you sing "my lady is a... " you'll run out of notes. (In evidence, I submit the Tom Paxton Song Book and the Ramblin' Boy LP). Must go now and pick my plums - ah! there they are!

London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

It's not yer plums that you need to pick, it's your spots. Your spot last night was, and I say this advisably, way out of scansion. A caesura would have been a natural outcome after the first breath. Of course there will be those that appreciate everything you do. It's just not fair!