Friday, July 8, 2011

Being The 8th of July, 2011

Mike P. was the latest recipient of the recently designed MC's badge.
He handled us all very gently during an evening that was constrained by time.

Roland was so anxious not to miss anything that he brought his dinner with him:

Onlookers salivated profusely.

Remarkably, we had a quorum by 8.00pm and music began only shortly after.
Proceedings had a distinctly French feel as we were delighted to welcome Roland and Angela’s cross-channel friends:  From left to right: Fleur, Anne-Marie and Anne ...

Here’s what we performed ...

Free Traders: Mike
The Rose: Lynda
Let it be: Les
Seasons of the Year: Mave
A French Song: Ken
I Wanna go Home: Berry
J’ attenderai Toujours: Angela
Santiano: Anne-Marie, Anne, Fleur, Beatrice, Roland & Angela
Gipsy Rover (Rover Gitan -?): Anne
I Went to Market: Tony
Seashore: Mick
Bold Princess Royal: Roland
Galloways: Colin

During free association Lynda graciously accepted a birthday card from Ken:


Then we got on with ...

Caledonia: Mike
Molly Bawn: Lynda
When the Saints ... : Anne & the French/Selsey Ensemble
I’ll Fly Away: Roland & Angela
L’eau Vive: Anne-Marie, Anne & Fleur
Il y à Longtemps que je t’aime: Tony and the French quarter
All Over the World: Les
No, No Courgettes: Mave
English Channel no. 5: Ken
Jambalaya: Berry & Ken
Breton Gavottes: Mick & Mike
Aux Champs-Élysées: The French/Selsey Ensemble
Twa Corbies: Colin

Then everybody helped to pack up, and we were out of the building, (as requested,) by 10.30pm, having secured une vraiment entente cordiale!

So, when we all be invited to visit our French friends?


parkingspaceman said...

Before you place private correspondence in the public domain, you might check that you're not compromising anyone. Mark this: if the owner of the copyright of the image brings a prosecution, you're the one who published it - and you're going down with or without me!
(Not that I'm admitting anything, of course).

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Who was it said, "Get the camera out."?
Who permitted photography of an item by then in her possession?
That's the case for the defence, me-Lud.

Musically Bent said...

Oops! A genuine French faux pas no doubt!

parkingspaceman said...

Right, gloves off!!
I put it to you that my exhortation was to photograph Lynda's expression when she saw the card. I further put it to you that I aver that I at no time gave you permission to photograph the birthday card. I challenge you to produce proof of your unfounded assertion. (The many hours I have spent in the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand and elsewhere almost qualify me for the bar! Have a care!).