Saturday, August 13, 2011

Being The 12th of August, 2011 ...

I know that Angela set up the room.
Here she is, admirably demonstrating how to sing to the club's music stand:

That's great, Angela, and thank you.

It is rumoured that Paul was MC.
(I have yet to obtain a suitable image of Paul, but you all know what he looks like.)

Dogsbody was unavoidably absent giving this excuse: 'ear wax', so what actually went on remains a mystery.
This post will therefore be edited when such intelligence is shared.

Addendum, 24/09/2011:
Paul has finally shared intelligence about the 'doings', as follows:

All The Good Times: Paul & Roger
On my Way to Canaan's Land: Angela
The Turkish Lady: Roland
Love is Life: Mave
Rufford Park: Ken
Geordie: Sheena
Out of the Blue: Mick
Little Bitty Tear: Berry & Howard
The Chivalrous Man-Eating Shark
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow: Phine
L'Assassin: Tony
Banks of the Nile: Roger
A Very Good Year: Paul
The Shepherd's Daughter: Angela
The Ship in Distress: Roland
Rue (? Herb in my Father's Garden): Mave
The Indian Lass: Ken
Volunteer Fire Department: Sheena
The Rambling Pitchfork: Mick
We'll Meet Again: Berry
A Fire in Mauritania: Howard
It's Too Late, Baby: Phine & Sheena
Things are 'bout Coming my Way: Roger

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