Friday, August 12, 2011

Being The 5th August, 2011 ...

We have to thank Laura for setting up the venue and for occupying the hot seat:

Here are the items that were performed:

Come Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl: Laura
What a Friend we have in Jesus: Roland & Roger
Don't Forget the Singer: Angela
What have they done to the Rain?: Margaret
Bind us Together, Lord: Yvonne
My Favourite Colour Scheme: Mike
Buddy, Can you spare me a Dime: Roger
Leaving on a Jet Plane: Lucy
Home, Lads, Home: Eddie
D'you want your old lobby washed down?: Ron
Enrico/Alexandra Park: Alan
School Days Over: Nigel
Little Vagabond: Ken
You are my Honeysuckle: Mave
Bridge over Troubled Water: Sheena
Pilot of the Airwaves: Paul
Wild Mountain Thyme: Laura
Spanish Ladies: Roland
I'll Fly Away: Angela
The Four Marys: Margaret
My Grandfather's Clock: Yvonne
We'll Meet Again: Mike
The Dimming of the Day: Roger
Dream River: Lucy
See that Rainbow Shine: Eddie
Eavesdropper: Ron
Blessed Margaret Pole/O'Carolan's Welcome: Alan
The banks of the Tees: Nigel
Going for a Soldier: Ken
Do you Remember: Mave
One more Cup of Coffee: Sheena
O, Very Young One: Paul

Even during the holiday season a respectable attendance of at least 17 bodies was achieved
... and all this would have cost the casual observer nothing at all!
I wish I'd been there.


parkingspaceman said...

Clearly, but inexplicably, DBS&W thinks that such ancient and personal reminiscences are of interest to readers of the City Folk Club blog. Others might be of the opinion that the early-morning vocalist commuter has much to answer for. Luckily, we don't have his name, or some might be tempted to form a posse and HUNT HIM DOWN for being an 'accessory before the fact'.

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Now, PSM, you have actually commented on the wrong post.
Haven’t you?
I hope so.
Just what has this cynicism to do with regard to a song list collated by a delightful volunteer in my absence?

parkingspaceman said...

No, I think it's you who are wrong. This comment was on the drivel of tangential interest about the singing commuter. I think its posting whilst you were abroad has caused you to mis-apply it. Then again, I could have commented on the wrong post, but I think that's somewhat unlikely.