Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another Club ...

Some of us went along to the Amberley Acoustic Music Club at The Black Horse in Amberley on Tuesday evening.
You might recognise these accomplished musicians ...

Behold - Beheld!

(Sorry - Roger is a bit blurred.)

They were particularly good ...

We heard several of David's self-penned songs, brilliantly accompanied by Mick and Roger on various instruments.
David's composition, 'When the Spring has Come', is a remarkable piece of musical poetry that could have come from the pre-industrial era.
'In No Strange Land', based on a poem by Francis Thompson (1859 – 1907), arranged for music by Roger and informatively introduced by David, was captivating.
Mick's fiddling for 'In the Smoke' took us all through the wardrobe into another dimension.

I had just one disappointment:
'Beheld' only got one set.

Then ... there was a lovely lady who looked a lot like the Jane that we all know.
She sang twice.
Here she is, accompanied by Roger, singing 'Leaning on the arms ...'

(Roger looks better now, don't you think?)

Now, Amberley is a good 20-30 minute drive from Chichester, and parking near the pub is limited.
You can get there by train, but it's a long and dangerous walk to the pub along dark, narrow roads from Amberley station.
You can return home by train, but, if you stay till closing time, that would involve a sleep-over at Ford ... not good!

Let not the above discourage you ...

It is a delightfully homely venue in an ancient building.
The English-speaking staff are welcoming, you don't need to show your passport and the establishment accepts British pounds.
The food coming out of the kitchen looked extremely appetising, and one of our number had to be restrained when she espied the potato wedges!
The outside toilet facilities have a certain rustic charm.
The club convenors are very friendly and they invite floor-singers.

Altogether, it was a most enjoyable evening.
So, let's keep an eye on this -

Perhaps we can arrange a minibus next time, because the overnight facilities at Ford railway station are non-existent.


London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

Roger is always a "blur" to me. I don't even worry or try to understand what he's doing. I just sit back and enjoy it.

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Just relax, close your eyes, slow your breathing, empty your mind and imbibe the music through the very pores of your soul.

parkingspaceman said...

The blog title is now "A chronicle of 'doings' on Friday evenings in Chichester ...". Just like to point out that this event did not qualify under either of those attributes. Perhaps the title should be "About anything I wish"? - or something a shade more generic, anyway.

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

It will become 'a chronicle of 'doings' for posterity'.