Saturday, October 15, 2011

Being The 14th October, 2011 ...

We were delighted to welcome Ray back in our midst, and Angela directed another fine evening of music and song ...

Pleasant and Delightful: Angela
Blue Moon: Paul
I Will: Lucy
Seven Days: Lynda & Mike P.
This Land is Your Land: Ray
Love Farewell: Colin
Turkish Lady: Roland
Going to the Zoo: Yvonne
Sat in a Circle in the Sun: Mike H.
Widow Maker: Eddie
Convict Maid: Annie
Cliff's Birthday Tribute: Berry
Dimming of the Day: Jane & Roger
Bermuda Triangle Exit: Mick
Times Like This (?): Roger
Teacher Teacher: Mike P.
Song for Ireland: David
The Tryste: Nigel
Ten Thousand Miles: Ken
Stone Walling Song: Mave
Georgie Girl: Les
Bright Morning Star: Angela
Three Wooden Crosses: Les
If I Die an Old Maid: Mave
Over the Waves: Ken & Berry
The Town I Love So Well: Nigel
Leaving the Land: David
Motherless Child: Roger
Cruel Mother: Jane
Past Caring: Annie
Thousands or More: Eddie
Cockles and Mussels: Yvonne & Mike H.
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy: Roland & Colin
Blackbird: Paul & Mick
Rolling Home: Ray

Here's Ray ...

During the proceedings Jane announced some plans for our special night for Children in Need 2011.
We will mark this and raise money with the rest of the nation on Friday 18th November.
Watch the blog for further details.
Better still ... come along to the club!


parkingspaceman said...

Indeed a nice night, but could I recommend a course in photography to whoever takes these pictures of MCs and performers, rendering them either almost unidentifiable or unflatteringly?

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Perhaps this photo from my archive would be better in sepia-tint?

parkingspaceman said...

If you're referring to the picture of Dogsbody alongside the comment, it would be better in black-and-black.