Saturday, October 22, 2011

Being The 21st Day of October, 2011 ...

On this anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar eighteen people convened for another jolly evening of music and song during which three people mentioned the celebrated Admiral Lord Nelson.

With Paul in command of the quarterdeck we sang and played ...

Wild in the Country: Paul
Are You Missing Me: Angela, Roland & Paul
Streams of Lovely Nancy: Lynda
Fakenham Fair: Roland
Sweet Thames Flow Softly: Laura & Lorna
150 Days from Vancouver: Eddie
Let Her go Down: Mave
Humpback Whale: Ken
Old Man River: David
Why Worry Now: Nigel
Buffalo Gal, Won't you Come out Tonight: Les
Captain Colston: Colin
Jimmy Brown: Paul
I'm Going Down this Road: Angela
My Bonny Moorhen: Lynda
You Gentlemen of England: Roland
Song of the Chanter: Lorna
Adonis of the Island: Laura
Drift from the Land: Eddie
I Live in Trafalgar Square: Mave
Ruins by the Shore: Ken
How Deep the Father's Love: David
Peggy Gordon: Nigel
Cripple Creek: Les
The Blackbird: Colin
Let the Sun Shine on: Paul
Texas Rangers: Angela
Withered and Died: Lynda
Bury me Beneath the Willow: Les
These are my Mountains: Laura & Lorna
Rolling Home to Old England: Nigel

It then being eleven of the clock, (six bells,) we all rolled home.
Messengers were dispatched to tell of our glorious victory, and no corpses needed to be repatriated in a barrel of brandy.
Nobody kissed me ... hardly!


parkingspaceman said...

Not one, but TWO people mentioned Lord Nelson: Roland's song mentioned him , and I proposed a toast. That's two, unless I don't count. Discuss.

parkingspaceman said...

The Graeme Miles song you referred-to as 'Harrow and Plough' is 'Drift from the Land' (p136 in Songscapes Miles/Dale); also, Penguin Eggs has 'The Humpback (sic) Whale' - perhaps one day I'll remember the chord sequence all the way through.

parkingspaceman said...

Buffalo Gals, surely? And I know Nigel's last song of the evening as 'Rolling Home to Dear Old England', which avoids confusion with 'Rolling Home' (Beggars' Velvet, Hedges et al).

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Oh, golly gosh, what a lot of comments!
Thank you, PSM. I will try to pay more attention in future.
I confess, I did wonder about 'Buffalo 'Bill''.
That 'Rolling Home ...' information is really helpful.
Editing is now in hand.