Saturday, October 29, 2011

Being The 28th day of October, 2011 ...

Disaster struck!

Please understand that the evening was enjoyable, (as usual,) and orchestrated by Berry in an unpredictable fashion.
Twenty people turned up, including four new faces whom we welcomed warmly, (as usual.)
We performed lots of songs and music, (as usual.)
Ken said lots of words, (as usual.)

"So what was the catastrophe?" you rightly ask.
Allow me to explain ...

I seem to have left my Diary of Doings at the Guide Hall.
I recall that Paul kicked off splendidly with She Moved Through the Fair, accompanied by ethereal Roger.
We finished with Your Cheatin' Heart - full cast led by Berry.

What happened in between is a bit of a blur.
Never fear:

We'll understand it all by-and-by ...

Addendum#1, 02/11/11:

In advance of my retrieval of  my Diary of Doings, Berry offered a comment about the evening's happenings that is worthy of being 'up-front' on this post:

"I would remind DS&W that we were very fortunate to have some superb turns and some unexpected visitors from Brighton. They spoke well of our club atmosphere and deserve our thanks."
Indeed, these visitors deserve our gratitude, but Sid, (he of the commanding voice,) came from Newton Abbot, via Brighton.

It was a great evening, and Berry done good!

Addendum#2, 04/11/11:
All is not lost ...

She Moved Through the Fair: Paul & Roger
Tom Paine's Bones: Mike P.
Shallow Brown: Sid
Roll on John: Roger
Working in the Mill: Mave
I'm in a New Place Now: Mick & Marion
Ashokan Farewell: John
Let's Do It: Ken
Amongst the Ghosts and Skeletons: Mike & Yvonne
Push a Little Button: Yvonne
Lost Child: Dave
Fall in Love with You: Marion & Mick
Try for the Sun: Laura & Colin
Last Letter Home: Berry
Sir Richard's Song: Colin
Banks of the Royal Canal: Sid
Drifting Without You: Mike P.
My Mother Said: Mave
Shall I Tell you about my Life: Roger
Whiskery Bob: Mike & Yvonne
A North Country Dance: John
Protest Song: Ken
The Lad on the Waltzer: Marion & Mick
Waterbound: Marion & Mick
Bind us Together: Yvonne
Tennessee Waltz: Paul
Intergalactic Laxative: Dave
Silver Darlings: Laura
Lovely Joan: Colin
Father Along: Roger
Shenandoah: Sid
Banks of the Ohio: Mick & Marion
Cheatin' Heart: Berry & full cast


parkingspaceman said...

Do you always over-react and employ Hollywood-style hyperbole? "Disaster"? Nay, lad: a disappointment, an inconvenience, an aggravation possibly, but, compared to a Turkish earthquake, or a roof-fall in a Welsh mine, not a "disaster". We really should find you something useful to do with which to occupy your time, and get your life in perspective.

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

I do declare ...
Even more words!

parkingspaceman said...

Words? You'd be lost without them, chum! Would you prefer your would-be commentators to be silent? Then try this: ____ ______ _ __ ___________ _____ __ _ ________.

London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

Now it seems to me that this could be a deliberate act of obscuration. {I'll look that up now}. Close enough. Yes a ploy to cover up the fantastic beauty of the evening made possible by an avalanch of errors on the part of the MC who it was seen could not count or spell. Thankyou everyone for all your superb contributions. Do come again and next time bring a camel!
I would remind DS&W that we were very fortunate to have some superb turns and some unexpected visitors from Brighton. They spoke well of our club atmosphere and deserve our thanks.
The feedback on the evening so far has been encouraging. I will go there again!

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Points taken, Berry.
This post will be updated when I have recovered 'the little black book'.
You done good, my friend.