Saturday, November 5, 2011

Being The 4th Day of November, 2011 ...

Dogsbody, having retrieved his Diary of Doings, was in charge of crowd-control.
He demonstrated such authority by crying 'Taser - taser - taser!' whilst wielding a stun-gun cunningly disguised as a bell-tree.

The company was largely cooperative and performed as follows:

Lyke Wake Dirge: Colin
Della the Dealer: Paul
You Were Always on my Mind: Lynda & Paul
The Tower: Dave
November 5th: Ken
Drover's Dream: Laura & Lorna
Sea Coal: Angela & Roland
Lord Franklin: Nigel
Settle to Carlisle: Laura & Lorna
Three Babes: Angela
Spencer the Rover: Colin
Moonshadow: Paul
I Remember Morley: Nigel
Early Morning Rain: Lynda & Paul
Lord Franklin (parody!!!): Ken
The Mule Song: Dave
Coast of Peru: Roland
Among the Leaves so Green-oh: Sue & Patrick
A French Tune: Lorna
Red is the Rose: Laura
Bury me under the Weeping Willow: Angela
Johnny be Fine: Colin
If I were a Carpenter: Paul
The Rose: Lynda
Summer in December: Dave
Who's the Fool Now: Sue & Patrick
Blaydon Races: Lorna
All Things are Quite Silent: Laura
Little Yellow Roses: Angela
Young Roger Esquire: Roland
The Indian Lass: Ken
Greenland Whale Fisheries: Nigel

We lost track of the death count, which was considerable, bearing in mind that Lord Franklin and his crew died twice!
Roland caught a whale off the Peruvian coast.
Nigel failed to catch one near Greenland, but lost several jolly tars in the process.

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