Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Reminder about Children in Need

That's on Friday, 18th November.

We will repeat the format of sponsored requests. (See earlier post here)

Lynda has asked for donations of spotty cakes to sell. I think she means of the spotty cup-cakes variety, generously sliced spotty cakes and the like.
Here’s something I made earlier:

Each cake will be accompanied by a raffle ticket, and the winner of a highly desirable prize will be identified during the evening.
Lynda writes: "If people would like to pledge cakes in advance that would be really useful."
You can contact Lynda on 01243 783211 or  email

In previous years this has been a most enjoyable and successful evening, so come along, aiming for a prompt start at 8.00pm.
Bring money and enjoy the spotty fun.

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