Monday, November 14, 2011

About this BLOG ...

Allow me to explain something in response to parkingspaceman’s recent post about canine droppings …

I acquired that title ‘Dogsbody Scrivener and Wretch’ early in the history of this club, at which time I had responsibility to provide a list of names to our erstwhile venue, The Regnum  Club. That was a requirement of our tenancy.
Soon after taking up the position of resident MC, David set up this blog in May 2008.
Thus was born the idea of the 'song-list'.
I have tried to perpetuate the blog primarily as a diary of performances each week.
Otherwise I hope it will serve as a vehicle for dissemination of important information, future events and inconsequential nonsense.

There have been other contributors to whom I am grateful:
‘Beresford Greene Speaks’ has always been thought-provoking, but he has been strangely silent in recent times.
That ‘Diary of a Folk-Song Collector’ was informative and amusing, albeit of questionable historical authenticity.

So, let me invite our participants to make contributions to this blog.

All things tasteful, relevant to the club, local events, folk music/song in general, constructive criticism, literary gems and entertaining anecdotes are worthy of consideration.
We can handle web-links, images, mp3s and video.

Please remember that these posts are in the public domain.
David once wisely advised: “Never publish anything that you wouldn’t be happy for your granny to see!”
Personal abuse will not be tolerated!
I usually avoid using full surnames; some people are understandably sensitive about identity.
Anglo-Saxon expletives, however cleverly disguised by ‘%**’ etc., could incur censorship or rejection.
Be wary about material that could have copyright implications.

So: get writing, and email your submissions to cityfolkclub[at]
Then watch this space.

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