Thursday, November 17, 2011

THIS FRIDAY "It's time to show your spots" for CHILDREN IN NEED

City Folk Club has one of its occasional charity nights THIS FRIDAY. All proceeds to Children in Need – which really does do good (ask Ken or Mave for first-hand information).

We're starting at 8 o'clock, because there's a lot to fit in:

a) more Sponsored (Spotty) Requests than will fit in two evenings, let alone one! (I've seen the list of requests, and there'll more than a few gems, you mark my spots!);

b) Spotty Cakes available for sale at the Spot Price- and one will be drawn as the winner of a Valuable Mystery Prize (ooooh!);

c) no Club collection this week: there will be Children in Need Collection Pots– please bring lots of Sterling (spotty or not);

d) there will be other ways/ excuses for you to part with your cash – including forcible extraction, if necessary (only joking), and, possibly, some Spot Prizes, too;

e) time to admire the themed decorations in the Guide Hall.

This promises to be, going on form and what we know of the preparations so far, a Vintage night (of the usual rubbish, but for a very worthwhile cause). If you have a spot, we'll try and squeeze it... in.

We'd like to raise lots, of course, and City Folk Club members have been outstandingly generous, but however much we raise, it will all go to help children in need.

See you tomorrow!