Saturday, November 19, 2011

Being The 18th of November, 2011 ...

Ken took charge as MC because this was the club's annual event in aid of Children in Need.
Ken appeared thus:

It was a successful and enjoyable evening with 26 participants.
I hope that Ken will provide a detailed account of our fund-raising activities when he's counted all that small change, so I will simply restrict this post to the song-list:

Children in Need Tonight: Ken & Mave
Babes in the Wood: Jane T. & Colin
Greensleeves: Mike H.
Amazing Grace: Margaret H.
Look at Us: Les
For Naomi: Lucy
Fulsome Prison Blues: Roland & Angela
Song of Gilgalad: Jane W.
Spanish Train: Dave
Push a Little Button: Yvonne
In the Mood: Mick
See that Rainbow Shine: Eddie
The Air that I Breathe: Lynda & Paul
The Field Behind the Plough: Nigel
I'll be Your Sweetheart: Brenda & Berry
Sweet Thames Flow Softly: Mave
Travelling Light: Berry
Michael in the Garden: Paul
Russian Vodka Fest: Ken
Cheatin' Heart: Ken, Berry, Paul and a few others
Strange Rain: Les
The [River] is Wide: Margaret H.
Wreck of the 97: Roland & Angela
My Bonny Moorhen: Lynda
Unicorns: Colin
Merrimack County: Lucy & Paul
Cockles and Mussels: Brenda (Lynda's mum.)
Butterflies: Yvonne & Mike H.
All of Me: Brenda & Berry
Bushes and Briars: Jane W.
Patricia the Stripper: Dave
Fotheringay: Mike H.
Spellbound: Mick
Johnny my Man: Nigel
I Live in Trafalgar Square: Mave
Farewell Shanty: Paul & full cast

Well done, Ken.
Well done, everyone, and thank you.


London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

Well done Ken. Not the absolute disaster expected of you!

parkingspaceman said...

Thank you LA&SB, there's praise (damning with faint)!
I was asked would I MC, (because Children in Need is my 2nd favourite charity, and one our family has a personal connection with), and in a weak moment I agreed. (Lessons have been learned!).
A full report, in long-winded and verbose prose, involving many sub-clauses -some with hyphens- (some with brackets), will, on this blog, shortly follow.