Saturday, November 26, 2011

Being The 25th November, 2011 ...

I like requests, don't you?
  • They are always encouraging to receive.
  • Given reasonable notice, performers go away and rehearse and then give of their best.
  • Listeners get to luxuriate in what they want to hear.

This was an evening overflowing with requests fulfilled in aid of Children in Need.
22 people turned up, and Berry took charge of the bell tree.

According to an image in the social networking domain, Berry looked like this in a bygone age:

He's aged rather well, hasn't he?

Here's what we heard:

Jesus, Saviour, Pilot me: Jane & Roger
Till the Stars Fall from the Sky: Yvonne & Mike
Braes o' Killicrankie: Duncan
Sons de Carrilhoe: Mark
Buddy, Can you Spare a Dime: Roger
Will You Still Love me Tomorrow: Margaret
Westlin' Winds: Nigel
There are no Lights on our Christmas Tree: Howard
Halcyon Days: Mike & Yvonne
Reynardine: Colin
April Come She Will: Lucy
Bygone Years: Mike P.
Manchester Rambler: Mave
The Prentice Boy: Roland
Doc's Guitar: Mick
Crow on the Cradle: Lynda, Mike P. & Mick
Father and Son: Dave
West Virginia Mining Song: Angela
Sisters of Mercy: Paul
Sweet Little Sixteen: Berry & Ken
Godfather Theme: Mark
The Last Thing on my Mind: Howard & Berry
Deportee: Jane & Roger
Love Will Tear us Apart: Mike P.
Dream River: Lucy & Roger
The Tryst: Nigel
Classical Gas: Mick
I am Weary, Let me Rest: Angela, Roland, Colin & Paul
The Tower: Dave
The Parting: Lynda
Lakes of Pontchartrain: Ken
Mary Skeffington: Paul


La Jolie Guirlande said...

Dear Mr Scrivener,

What was the lovely song that Lucy did accompanied by Roger? One of Paul's requests I believe.


Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Absolutely right, ma cherie.
Thank you for your vigilance.
This post has been edited accordingly.