Monday, November 28, 2011

The Club’s grand Turn-of-the-Year party …

So, what are we doing for Christmas?
Please be not disappointed when I say, "Nothing!" 

Friday, 23rd December: NO CLUB, because you’ll all be putting up your festive decorations.
Will they appear thus?

However, mark this in your diary ...

Friday, 30th December: CFC’s Turn-of-the-Year party.

Please bring along your Christmas left-overs: i.e. some buffet-type food to share, and we hope that people will come along with all their seasonal songs and tunes.
If you would like to sport your left-over party-hat, that's fine.
Oh, and bring along those dreadful riddles/jokes that you found in your Christmas crackers.
The club will provide some left-over disposable plates and cutlery, but it will be helpful if you supply your own.
By popular consent there will be no dancing, but a decision has yet to be made about dress-code.

Crackers, balloons, party-poppers and all objects that might go 'BANG!' will not be permitted.
You could be searched for such items on arrival.

We intend to kick off with music promptly at 8.00pm, and we have an extension until midnight.

By the way, it will be FREE entry!

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