Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winterval ...

Our friend Bill 1.1 has written as follows:

Are we not celebrating Winterval?
There should be a carol.

Winterval comes round and the shops are all abla-a-ze
the-e lights are shining bright in the town.
Our spirits are rai-ai-sed as we hear the piped music
and commerce is blazing all around.

Rejoice! Rejoice! for sales they are upon us,
And gifts and tat is cheaper year by year,
Rejoice! Rejoice! for childhood's long behind us,
and Chirstmas-tide comes sooner every year.

Or something ... but there it is. I heard on the radio, I think, that the Daily Mail have apologised for the slurs on local government about Winterval, which was never intended by any-one to replace Christmas and is largely a right wing straw man.

Love and thanks to all at the club for the kind (and much appreciated) card.

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