Saturday, December 17, 2011

Being The 16th of December, 2011 ...

This was our last meeting before Christmas for 2011 and the evening was tinged with a certain amount of holiness.
There was also the customary jollity, even in the absence of two of our regularly frivolous participants.
Angela brought along a friend to assist in her direction of proceedings.
Her accomplice looked a little like this ...

I didn't catch the name, nor even discerned the gender.
He/she does not speak or sing, but, (given a little human intervention,) this flightless individual is capable of rhythmic swaying, waving, and even silent applause.

The gathering therefore totalled 26 bodies and 1 cuddly toy.
At the end of the evening Dogsbody noticed that the contribution pot was just a little short of the sum expected.
Did the penguin pay?

So what?
This is the season of goodwill.
These were our offerings:

The Good Old Way: Angela, Roland & Colin
Mistletoe and Wine: Lucy
The Snows they Melt the Soonest: Lynda
You Gentlemen of England: Roland
Lady of Beauty: Eddie
Blue Cockade: 'Folk in Chaos' (= Dave, Jane G., Phil & Liz.)
Silent Night: Lorna
Black is the Colour: Margaret
Leaning in the Everlasting Arms: Jane R. & Roger
Small Things: Folk in Chaos
Knocking on the Window: Tony
Grandma's Feather Bed: Mike
Motherless Child: Roger
Coventry Carol: Mave
Christmas Day in the Morning (Shetland tune): Mick
Caledonia: Folk in Chaos
Mary's Boy-Child: Les
His Eye is on the Sparrow: Paul
Appalachian Carol: Colin
Le Sommeil du Bébé Jésus: Angela
Delta Dawn: Lucy & Paul
Scarlet Ribbons: Lynda
Sally Gardens: Amanda
Good King Wenceslas: Eddie
Gloucester Wassail/Dvorak's 9th Symphony: Lorna
Winter Wonderland: Margaret
I Send my Love to You: Jane
In no Strange Land: Roger & Mick
Jenny, Won't you Please Take me Home: Mike
Let it Snow: Mave
If I Die Young: Folk in Chaos
Little Drummer Boy: Les
It's a Wonderful Life: Paul
While Shepherds Watched: Colin & full cast


parkingspaceman said...

Lorna is credited with playing "Dvorak's 9th Symphony". What, ALL of it?

parkingspaceman said...

Hang on - frivolous? Are you refering to me? FRIVOLOUS?!!! I warn you, as soon as I've found out what that means, I shall SUE.

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

1) Silly question.
2) Arrange the following concepts into a meaningful sentence:
'headgear', 'correct size' and 'wearing'.