Saturday, January 21, 2012

Being The 20th Day of January, 2012 ...

Mike, in the chair, impressed us by using this word:

What else did we do?

Knocking on Heaven's Door: Mike P.
Yesterday: Paul
Am I that Easy to Forget: Lynda & Paul
Spotted Cow: Roland
Morningtown Ride: Yvonne
Sat in a Circle: Mike H.
Skye Boat Song: Lorna
And our Singing will Never be Done: Mave
Blackwaterside: Mick
Grave-Digging Song: Tony
I Want You: Steve
Looking in the Eyes of Love: Melanie
I'm a Man: Max
Wind and Rain: Lucy
January Man: Nigel
Ny Kirree fo Niaghty: Colin
Scousers Never Buy the Sun: Mike
Noah: Paul
Maid of Culmore: Lynda
Ship in Distress: Roland
Black is the Colour: Angela
Mrs. Bennet's Eyes: Yvonne
Whiskery Bob: Mike H.
Banks o' Doon: Lorna
Jacko the Shunter: Mave
Itzikel: Mick & Mike P.
The Foggy Dew: Tony
Subterranean Homesick Blues: Steve
The Show: Melanie
Bird in the Bush: Nigel
Love Farewell: Max
Young Banker: Angela, Roland & Colin

... and we all went home feeling so much better than when we arrived.
Dogsbody dreamed about Jacko the Shunter ...

(That's an Andrew Barclay 0-4-0 saddle-tank.)

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Parkingspaceman said...

Well, at least Dogsbody didn't dream of the Spotted Cow - I suppose we should be thankful for that (unless he did but won't admit it... ).