Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rolling Down to Old Maui ...

Here's a suggestion for the next community-singing project:

Here's the chorus:

Rolling down to old Maui, my boys,
Rolling down to old Maui.
We're homeward bound from the arctic ground
Rolling down to old Maui.

Regard this as 'work in progress'!

From a different recording/sleeve notes Nigel adds the following intelligence:

... from Songs The Whalemen Sang by New Englander, Gale Huntington. Many young men working on the American whaling ships kept personal journals in which they recorded the voyage, made sketches, notes and copied their favourite songs. The words of this song were taken from such a journal made aboard the Atkins Adams in 1858. The noble tune is from Chanteying Aboard American Ships by F.P. Harlow. Maui is one of the Hawaiian islands and was a meeting place for whalers . . . . something to look forward to between trips. A‘homeward bound’ feeling prevails after the arctic hunting season but it was likely that they were merely calling at Maui for ‘fittingout’ for a further half year in the southern oceans.

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