Saturday, February 25, 2012

Being Friday the 24th February, 2012 ...

It took Dogsbody several hours to dry his copious tears of gratitude for the aforementioned card and regain emotional continence.

So, what were the 'doings'?

First, Berry, in charge, said, "I don't know whether I'm coming or going ..."

That augured well for the evening!

I Wonder Where You are Tonight: Berry & Paul
California Dreaming: Lynda (Mamma Cass), Mike & Mick
All I Want is You to be my Bride: Angela
Farewell Dearest Nancy: Roland
Georgia on my Mind: Mark
Christian Island: Laura & Lorna
Stately Southerner: Colin
Kerfunken Jig: Mick
Brave Wolfe: Roger
I'm Going to do it All Someday: Mike
New Burying Ground/My Time of Dying: Max & Sylvia
When I'm Gone: Nigel
Heartbeat: Paul
Bear Dance: Lorna & Lorna
Honky-Tonk Blues: Max, Sylvia & others
Foot-tapper: Berry & Mark
The Latest Flame: Paul & Max
If I Could Beg, Steal or Borrow: Lynda
Anchored in Love Divine: Angela & Paul
Coast of Peru: Roland
My Heart Will go on: Mark
Trip to the Cottage: Lorna
Over the Hills and Far Away: Laura
Daddy Fox: Colin, Angela & Roland
My Soft Fading Memories of You: Roger
Frog Went a-Courting: Mike
It'll be all Smiles Tomorrow: Max & Sylvia
Peggy Gordon: Nigel
Time Drags By Real Slow: Berry
Lark in the Morning: Laura
Are You Missing Me?: Angela, Roland, Paul & Colin
Greensleeves: Mark
Love Will Keep us Alive: Lynda
Hush Little Baby: Mike
Fields of Athenry: Nigel
Your Cheatin' Heart: Berry & full cast

There was no yodelling, no songs about trains, just one or two polysyllabic words ... and only a couple of recorded deaths.
Everyone was enraptured by Mike's dissertation about the slow loris.
Here's Nycticebus coucang ...

He's not sure whether he's coming or going either!
Beware of this cuddly mammal.
He/she will rub his/her toxic axillary perspiration on his/her teeth and then bite you.
... Then you die!
That must be true: Mike said so.

In spite of all that, everyone went home from another splendid Friday evening at the City Folk Club feeling extraordinarily happy.
(If you didn't, kindly address your complaint to your general practitioner.)

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