Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Valentine Card

Following an absence of two weeks, I arrived early to set up the hall.
I opened the club’s property box and discovered this colourful fabrication:

Actually it was much bigger, but my scanner will only accommodate A4.

I considered discarding it as rubbish, but, on unfolding it, I found it contained a veritable plethora of loving messages, hand written on post-it notes.
(What a good idea, Angela!)

Thank you, so very much, everyone.

I don’t believe in St. Valentine, (nor does the Catholic Church celebrate his feast day,) but it was moving to receive all your kind appreciation.

I almost wept.

On Fridays I am surrounded by some truly wonderful people.
Thank you; I love you all too.

(Yes, Berry, you as well!)

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Parkingspaceman said...

I suspect that Dogsbody has had an irony by-pass.