Saturday, February 4, 2012

Being Friday, 3rd of February, 2012 ...

Dogsbody accepted the blame for everything this evening – even the cold weather!

We began music in a small gathering at just after 8.15pm.
(Actually, the hall clock is 2 minutes fast.)
Once Dogsbody’s starting turn was over the populus swelled to 14 thermally-clad humanoids and a stuffed penguin.

If you weren’t there, you missed an evening that included several ‘Nancy’ (*) songs:

William Stone: Colin
Legend in my Time: Paul
Never Again: Lynda
Rosin the Beau: Roland & Mick
In the Pines: Angela & Paul
Breathing Air: Dave
Angel of no Mercy: Les
The Ridings/Ashover Meet: Lorna
Blues in E: Mick
*Banks of the Nile: Roger
If I were a King: Tony
*Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy: Nigel
The Saucy Sailor: Colin
I Wish I was 18 Again: Paul
Boot-Sale Blues: Dave
Psalm 23: Tony
Don't Tell me You're not in Love: Les
Trink, Trink ... and something I can't pronounce: Lorna
Rambling Pitchfork: Mick
Things about going my way: Roger
*Farewell my Lovely Nancy: Nigel
Don't Send my Mother to Prison: Ken
Herb in my Father's Garden: Mave
Here's a Health to the Company: Colin
Both Sides Now: Paul
Banks of the Ohio: Lynda & Paul
Bold Princess Royal: Roland
Are You Missing Me: Angela & Paul
Barges: Dave
Baby's in Black: Les
Fairy Lullaby: Lorna
Rag-Picking: Mick
Dimming of the Day: Roger
*Pleasant and Delightful: Nigel & full cast 

Angela’s song, ‘In the Pines’, was not about Nancy.
Instead, being about a very long train, it had Dogsbody in raptures again.

The longest train I ever saw
Went down that Georgia line ...

Somewhere in the above list, Angela sang Clinch Mountain Home, accompanied by Roland, Paul and much yodelling, but Dogsbody forgot to write it down.
That's because he became overwhelmed when somebody suggested it was about a Swiss train ...

... but it wasn't!

Everyone who craved exposure was exposed - without removing clothes.
Most of us got three opportunities, and music finished at 11.00pm precisely.

See ... it can be done!

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