Thursday, February 2, 2012

What time does The City Folk Club start?

I am often asked this question.

The answer is …

 That’s 20.00 hours. 

For the past year or so it has become apparent that nothing much musical happens for the first half-hour, and some people seem to assume that we don’t really start until 8.30pm.
That is not true, and can be confusing for new-comers who can sometimes be observed to sit around, shuffling nervously, wondering what's going to happen. 

So, here’s the official timetable:

8.00 – 8.15 - Meet and greet, tune-up

8.15 - Music starts

11.00 - Go home in absolute silence!

The door is nearly always open from 7.30, and of course we understand that some people cannot arrive so early, but hereafter your MC will no longer hang around waiting for a 'critical mass' to accumulate.

Is all that dictatorial?
Perhaps, but I trust there will be no more confusion.

Addendum, 3rd Feb:
Oh dear, my overflowing in-box testifies to the fact that the above clarification has generated consternation in some quarters.
Please understand that I intended no criticism of our delightful MCs.
I personally apologise if that is what has been perceived.
On the contrary, I am truly grateful to them for their cooperation and sensitive facilitation of some smashing evenings of music.
Naturally we must respect MC’s discretion, but the message is this:
Start on time; you’ll all get your opportunity to perform; then we can get home before Saturday!