Saturday, March 10, 2012

Being Friday the 9th of March, 2012 ...

Dogsbody arrived feeling a little out-of-sorts.
His day had been emotionally and intellectually challenging.

Three ladies turned up and gave him big cuddles.
Dogsbody began to feel better.
The cheery faces of Bill and Berry further lightened his mood.
More ladies arrived – more cuddles and an occasional mwah-mwah!

By then Dogsbody felt able to welcome Nick and Pat, two new faces, into our gathering, and introduce them. Hands were shaken.

At 8.05pm someone asked, “Who’s MC?”
As if on-cue, Mike arrived, smiled warmly, played the bell-tree, and we all settled down for a most enjoyable evening under his sensitive direction.

I am a Rock: Mike
Barmaid Song: Lucy
Piper to the End: Laura & Colin
Some Day: Berry
Alexandra Leaving: Lynda
John Barbary: Jane
Lay me down a Pallet on your Floor: Roger
All the Little Chickens: Mave
Ploughboy and the Cockney: Colin
Three Shetland Tunes: Bill
Census 1851: Nigel
I'll Follow the Sun: Paul
The Shepherd's Daughter: Angela
I'm Getting Older too: Mike
Take a Message to Mary: Lucy & Paul
Valparaiso: Laura & Colin
Whatever Happened to Saturday Night: Lynda
Joan of Arc: Jane
Romeo and Juliet: Roger
Bright Fine Gold: Mave
I Believe in You and Me: Mark
I'm Going Down to the Shade by the River: Berry
Life of a Man: Nigel
Brewer Laddie: Bill
The Folks Who Live on the Hill: Paul & Roger
Groovy Kind of Love: Mark
Rolling On: Laura
Little Darling: Angela & Paul

So, there we have it: Knopfler beat Cohen into second place by 3 to 2.
Caddick - 1.

There was no yodelling, no songs about trains ... and Nick didn't bring his hurdy-gurdy!

Bill mentioned 'Saint Patrick's Breastplate'.
Those who can handle a bit of holiness might enjoy this charming cover of Rita Connolly's 'The Deer's Cry'.

Now, don't forget - early start next week.

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