Sunday, April 22, 2012

Being Friday, 20th April, 2012 ...

Innumerable deaths, graves, an inadvertent homicide, imprisonments, history, philosophy, one lost maidenhead, cross-dressing, a smattering of loving tenderness and at least two trains …
It all happens in the virtual world of the City Folk Club!

We were pleased to welcome Derek and Roberta all the way from Worcestershire.
Derek plays a mean guitar, and Mike, (MC,) had to split up fret-board corner for the sake of variety.

Phine, now resident in Singapore, paid us a visit.
It was a delight to see and hear her.
At her request Roger performed his rear-view-mirror song.
That has long been a favourite in our gathering.
Lynda sang ‘Farewell, farewell’ for Phine, and we all hope it won’t be forever.

We mourned for the passing of Bert Weedon. It was he that taught Berry to play the guitar in 24 hours …

The forthcoming centenary of Woody Guthrie’s birth did not go unnoticed …

Here’s what we heard …

Both Sides Now: Mike
Wonderful Picture of you: Paul
When I've Done my Time: Les
Foggy Dew (revolutionary): Colin
Garden of Graves: Elayne
Beware, Take Care: Angela
So Long, it's been Good to Know Ya: Roland
Elizabethan Days/The Last Dance: Derek
My True Love: Annie
Out of the Blue: Mick
I Know Where I'm Going: Margaret
Rear View Mirror: Roger
Molly Bawn: Lynda
Let's Keep it that Way: Phine
Big Grand Coolee Dam: Paul
Folsom Prison Blues: Les
Ups and Downs: Colin
Polly Oliver: Elayne
The Nest: Angela
This Land is Your Land: Roland & Angela
Crooked Road: Derek
Stone Walls do not a Prison Make:Annie
3 Polkas: Mick & Mike
Sweet Little Sixteen: Berry
Five Hundred Miles: Margaret
Banks of the Nile: Roger
Farewell, Farewell: Lynda
What Shall I Write: Phine
Bring us a Barrel: Colin

Dogsbody had to be educated as to the meaning of the adjective ‘tender’.
He thought it was a noun: something to do with a train …

An 8-wheel 'watercart' belonging to a Drummond T9 4-4-0 express locomotive of the London & Southwestern Railway.

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