Saturday, April 28, 2012

Being Friday the 27th of April, 2012 ...

There was just one serious tragedy this evening.
The head of the locomotive engineer, George, was discovered by the firebox door.
Regarding the rest of his remains: it is too grizzly to describe in this public domain.

Here’s George’s engine: number 143 …

Otherwise there was our usual fun, and some participants proffered amusing quasi-Russian names to delight our imagination …

  • Ivor Chestikov: Ken recovering from a slight cold.
  • Eva Vestov: a soviet striptease artiste.
  • Rimsky Takyerkorsitov: a randy Russian composer brought up in Glasgow.
Berry was in the chair and, (having little patience for such frivolity,) he gently facilitated the gathering to sing and make music.

We all did the best we could …

Father and Son: Paul
Never, oh, Never Again: Lucy
I am Weary, Let me Rest: Angela
All Around my Hat: Roland
You've got a Friend: Margaret
Weary Cutters: Colin
Alone under Oxford Street: Roger
Nothing You Can Do: Mick & Marion T.
Manchester Rambler: Mave
Nobody's Darling but Mine: Marion & Mick T.
Sad Ending: Mick W.
Jambalaya: Berry & company
I Wish I Knew you Before: Paul
Leftover Wine: Lucy
Engine Number 143: Angela
Windy Old Weather: Roland
When I Need you: Margaret
On One April Morning: Colin
Unfed Melody: Mave
Adieu, Adieu: Roger
O'Carolan's Draft: Mick W.
Across the Great Divide: Mick & Marion T.
Going Home: Marion & Mick T.
I'll See You in my Dreams: Berry
Raining in my Heart: Paul
If not for You: Lucy
You are my Sunshine: Angela
Careless Love: Margaret
Rolling Down to Old Maui: Colin & Roland
When I'm Gone, Sally don't you Grieve: Mick & Marion T.
Good Old Apple Wine: Marion & Mick T.
Things about coming my Way: Roger
Mississippi Blues: Mick T.

"Oh, dear ..." said the Fat Controller.

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